Comcast launches Stream

Stephan Boer

In “Cutting the cord” we mentioned new television services that enable viewers to switch from traditional cable TV to internet TV.
With its new service Stream, Comcast will also join the online TV battle in the US. Where other "Cut the cord" services like Sling TV and Playstation Vue offer entire online television channels, Stream focuses on offering TV shows and series on demand. For $15 a month, members of Comcast service Xfinity can subscribe to Stream. Stream offers shows from HBO, NBC, FOX and other channels.
Met Stream bepaal je zelf wat je kijkt
Stream enables users to watch TV shows, series and movies on demand on pc or mobile devices. Unfortunately the use of Stream will be limited to your Comcast WiFi home network. Stream members in Boston will soon have access to a bèta version reportedly followed by a full launch in 2016, yet only in the US.

Read more about Stream on the Comcast website


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