Cutting the cord

Stephan boer

In The Netherlands you watch television via one of the leading cable operators like Ziggo or KPN and pay a fixed monthly subscription fee for a standard package of channels composed by the cable operator. Evening after evening you zap through all 300 channels and end up watching nothing that really interests you. Meaning you pay for content you don't want to see. This is why services like Netflix and HBO Now substantially gain ground in The Netherlands, as Amazon and Hulu do so in the US, especially among young users. These services offer movies and series for a fixed monthly fee. The large cable operators did respond, each with their own VOD service, but the offer of films and series simply doesn't match that of for instance Netflix.

This shift from watching generic cable TV to specific VOD TV, is called"Cutting the cord" . The number of people that choose to compose their own package of television channels or VOD provider is growing fast. In the US it is already a known phenomenon with services like Playstation Vue and Sling TV .
Sling TV
Tech website The Verge gives you a practical overview of content offered by each VOD provider as well as the subscription fees. This way you can easily calculate what it would cost you to watch all your content online.


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