Leanback on the web

Stephan Boer

Drop down on your living room sofa and relax in front of your TV: you switch channels until you find something that interests you. This "traditional" way of consuming television asks little effort, the only two relevant remote buttons are p+ and v+ and every once in a while you type a number for a quick channel switch.

Simple actions that don't require much thinking. The more recent VOD services work differently. If you start up such a service you have to select (and thus know) what you want to watch. You are overloaded with complicated menus, search tools, filters and more. Netflix found a way to easily get to what you want to watch by using a "leanback" interface, which means you are guided through the menu to the content of your choice as fast as possible.

Where Netflix succeeded with its Smart TV interface , its web interface until recently was a mess. In the most recent update however, Netflix succeeded to also bring the leanback experience into its web interface.
De nieuwe interface met "Click & Watch" methode
The Netflix web interface has not only improved visually but also UX wise: after openingNetflix you directly see the series you watched recently. Click a serie or movie and it starts playing in the video player. That is 1 click. If you want to know more about a film or serie you click the arrow. That substantially differs from the old version of Netflix, where you needed several clicks before being able to watch a film or serie. At TWC we get quite excited over this kind of improvements, which make an interface lean and mean but very usable. Find more improvements in the new Netflix web interface here The Verge.


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